Sunday, January 15, 2012

"The Writer's Workout" Day 12 - Find your comfort zone in writing

Hunker Down - (Settle in for the long haul)
Today's workout took more thought than anything.  There was nothing to write down, or ten questions to answer to get you motivated.  There was only a question for thought.  (And it does stimulate some serious thought!) 

The major question for today was simple.  Do you allow yourself to write, or do you sabotage yourself?  Well, at least that's how my brain interpreted it.  I won't pose the actual question here, in hopes that you will be interested enough in what I am writing to pick up your own copy and write with me. 

Unfortunately, I found myself answering this after about an hour with a resounding..."Oh No! I do sabotage myself!"  From my writing hours, my priorities, my wants, and down to my relaxation time, I always seem to let so much come before my writing.  If my writing is rejected, I take it extremely personally, and don't want to share it with any other publishing house.  (I know I shouldn't.. trust me... I know, but I can't help it.)  Once rejected, I go on a writing hiatus.  (Why should I write, when I'll never get published.) My self-esteem is completely deflated and I am truly a failure, because I am ACTING like one! 

Now, with this great revelation comes the next question that I am going to pose for myself.  What am I gonna do with this knowledge?  That's a little more tricky.  But, the only correct answer is to watch.  When I find myself doing these things that I've mentioned above, I need to realize what it is that I am doing to myself and then... move on. 

Something inside of me is saying, easier said than done.
Lisa Adams

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