Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Review of "A Taste for Killing" by H.K. Sterling

What's New to Review ~ Wednesday!

And I'm back! Unfortunately, the month of April was not conducive to me reading anything and oh how I missed that! But, it was not all bad. I did receive another acceptance last month and sent out another short as well. That second short was bought just two days ago! It's been great on that end. I also did my first blog talk radio interview at the end of last month and had a blast! But, the real reason you're here is for the Book and the Review! So, lets get on with it!

The Book:

"A Taste for Killing" is a short novella published by Breathless Press that was released February of this year. With a word count of slightly under 15k, it took me about two hours to read with a few unwanted interruptions from my children. At a heat level 3, this murder mystery romance gives you just enough spice to really enjoy the romance side of the story without taking away from the who-dunnit side.

The Plot:

This is a classical who-dunnit story. There's a death and it needs to be solved ASAP. Unfortunately, with the back log of police work it doesn't look like it will be fast. So, the victims relatives take it upon themselves to hire a private detective to help get the job done. Enter our heroine, Carolyn Woods. Oh she's good. She's got the experience and the drive. What she doesn't have is a man to fill a void in her life left by another.

Enter the hero, or is he a suspect? Crap... he's both! And this is where the story really gets good. Evan Jones is a brilliant young architect. Handsome, fit, and not Carolyn's usual type. But he's also a very prominent suspect. His dealings with the deceased make him suspicious indeed. But, Carolyn's ready to get to the bottom of this case and in Evan's bed. Will she solve the murder before something terrible happens?

The Verdict:

This little novella really piqued my interest. I think Ms. Sterling has found her calling in the mystery/suspense genre and I sincerely hope she continues to hone this area of her writing. As this is just the first in a series, I can honestly say that I cannot wait for the others to come out! Great detective work, the clue pacing, the romance, I mean everything just came together perfect. Each and every scene lead you to the next and things just rolled right along until it was over. If you love a true mystery and romance, I cannot begin to recommend this enough to you. Dare I say it... Yep, I'm gonna put this out there... Perhaps our dear Ms. Sterling will become the next JD Robb. She definitely has the talent! Here it is!
It's a "Five Cups of Love" read!

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Until next week my friends, keep reading!