Friday, January 6, 2012

"The Writer's Workout" Day 6 - Dare yourself to write!

"Tap your Chutzpah"

Chutzpah?  What?   Christina Katz tells us that chutzpah is a yiddish word, with a loose translation of "nerve".  This particular day's workout spoke volumes to me.  Within the first two paragraphs, she defines the difference between an actual writer and an aspiring writer.  Just six complete sentences and I realized... I can't categorize myself as an ACTUAL writer.    Actual writers write.  I am definitely an aspiring writer.  I do all the things that a wanna be writer would do.  What separates me from an actual writer?  I don't put words to paper as often as I should.

I believe that this book is helping me to be better at that.  Keeping up with the Day 1 workout of writing a minimum of a page a day, is at least adding to the word count of my current WIP. 

I also believe that this blog is helping me as well.  Keeping up with the workout in a diary format really helps keep it all in focus.  And to those of you reading me... well, thank you and I only hope that you will stay with me on this journey, or better yet... JOIN ME!

If you have been thinking about really preparing and getting yourself ready for a real writing career, buy "The Writer's Workout" by Christina Katz, work through this year with me, and Dare yourself to be an ACTUAL writer and not just an aspiring one.

See you soon,
Lisa Adams

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