Saturday, January 7, 2012

"The Writer's Workout" Day 7 - So what have you done?

"Take Stock"
Day 7 exercise has me feeling a bit unaccomplished.  As I went through the day's writing tip, I realized that the main objective was not to seek approval for your writing.  You must be comfortable with what you write and confident enough to realize that you've done your best so that you can move on to your next project.

So, why do I feel unaccomplished?  Today's assignment has you list all your past writing-related accomplishments.  To help you get started, Christina Katz provides her own list of 13 things that you can use as jumping off points for what you have done so far.  My problem is that of those thirteen things, I can only write about two of them. 

List all the milestones in your writing career.  -  For me my first milestone came when I put my first query letter in the mail.  I count my first rejection as a milestone, too.  Add my second submission to that list as well, namely because I didn't just give up after the first :-)  There are dozens more like contests I've entered, published authors that I have spoken with, and every class that I complete that is writing related.

List all the people who have helped you in your writing career - Currently, it's Christina Katz, my personal writing coach.  I also have to remember all my family members and especially my husband, who are all extremely supportive (though not good critics.)  My best friends, Tammy and Samantha, who encourage me and celebrate every success and failure right beside me, my writing friends on e-harlequin and a slew of others that work with me on Critique Circle and in real life.

Oh wait! There's one more... List all the writing career development books that you have read -  Unfortunately, this would take more space on this blog that I am willing to spare and I'm sure you are not willing to read.  I have two whole bookshelves dedicated just to the craft (not including the Writer's Market books I have that date back to 2005.)

So, I've taken stock now of all the different things I have done in my career and added a few here to share with you.  I have some knew ideas based off Christina's list that can help me further my career, and I just know that at the end of it all (359 more days to go) I'll have learned so much and done even more to make my writing career grow.

Lisa Adams  


  1. There is nothing wrong with where you are, Lisa. Good for you for looking at it and articulating it to yourself and others. Perhaps I should have emphasized more in that chapter, if I did not emphasize enough, examine all of this without judging it. Easy to say. Hard to do!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement. I think you described it beautifully. I just know that there are tons of milestones left for me to accomplish before I can say that I am in deed a well known author. Plus, like I said in the post, your list gives me an idea of things that I need to do, and puts me on a more focused path. Thanks again for writing this book. I have a feeling it will change my life.