Monday, January 9, 2012

"The Writer's Workout" Day 9 - Why do you write?

Embrace the reasons
Oh! How I love thee... let me count the ways. 
Today's writing workout has me reflecting on all the reasons why I even started to write in the first place.  Christina Katz gave me a great list to start with and I have a few of these on this list checked off but I really had to think about quite a few for awhile.  Then I realized that the reason why I write was not on this list at all.  (Well, the reason I first started writing anyhow.)

I started writing for peace and quiet.  It was my own personal time.  Something that I had to create for myself with my five children, husband, house chores, and full time job.  Today, it still serves that purpose.  The ground rules have been set over a few years, and when I'm writing my kids actually go ask my husband for things instead of me all the time. 

Now, my reasons have grown and my number one reason now a days is to have accomplished something with all that writing.  I want to be published traditionally one day and actually host a book signing at my local Barnes and Noble. There, that's the big dream.  That's why I write, in a nutshell of course. 

Lisa Adams


  1. I think that is the dream we all have. I do love that when I am in the zone some how they all know not to talk to me. I maybe talking to myself and rocking by myself but they know to leave the cray monster alone.

  2. I agree, we all want to be traditionally published. Don't get me wrong, if I was offered something from an e-publisher, I wouldn't turn it down! But, I think we all long to see a copy of our book, a shining cover, and have the wonderful scent of that fresh new book wafting up to fill our noses and our minds with bliss.