Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"The Writer's Workout" Day 3

"Serial Focus" AKA "What do I need to do next?"
Well, if there's any writer out there who needs it put bluntly to them, it would be me.  And Christina Katz does a wonderful job of this, especially today. 

Focus. We must learn and maintain this skill so we can succeed. Something so little and so "hey, I already know this!" But still makes you examine carefully.  Yeah, you may know it, but have you applied it. 

My honest answer, "Nope."

I will be the first to confess, I have about seven different novels that I have written anywhere between 10k and 32k in.  I get to the middle, and have a flash moment where another idea strikes me and I run with it.  Perhaps, it's a new contest that I have to write a piece for, or a great character that pops in my mind.  Whatever, the problem, I lose my focus on my current project.  I don't finish, and move on to bigger and better.

So, how do I use this great epiphany in my new writing career?  I'm going to go back through my stuff from Day 2 that I cleaned off my computer, pick one thing, load it back on my computer and go with it.  UNTIL IT'S FINISHED!  If I get an epiphany, I will write quick notes down in one of my several books laying around from Day 1  and then get back to the project at hand. 

I've written it here, and it's now hanging on the wall behind my laptop as well.  Pick ONE project, and Go With It!  Not just finish it, but nail it!  Time frame?  By February 14th.

You joining me?

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