Sunday, November 6, 2011

What is it about NaNo?

This is my second year and I've already surpassed what I did last year.  My word count is up to 8600 words and though technically I'm still behind, I think I have hit my groove. 

This crazy attempt at writing a novel in 30 days can be described in no other word but ludicrous.  30 days to write 50,000 words, while all the while still maintaining your other duties. In my case, mom, teacher, wife, soccer mom, girl scout co leader.  It's definitely a lot to add to your plate.  And though I didn't finish last year, because I let all the other things act as excuses, I still signed up for another year and another month of pure torture and gratification at once.  BUT... to continue and actually win this year, I knew I'd need a plan.  )
My plan?  --- two words -- Word Wars

Word Wars are the perfect thing to keep a writer going.  There are always people on and you war against them to see how much you can produce set on a basic set time depending on the room you are in.  This allows a person to not just have to be disciplined but to sit down and write with someone and make it competitive.  If only I had found this useful tool last year, I may have actually won.  It's definitely something that I plan on introducing to my students who are participating this year.  I think we will have some Word Wars in class.  The best thing about Word Wars?  Even if you don't win, you've won because you've added words to your novel, and isn't that what its really about?

Good Luck to my fellow writers out there,
Lisa Adams