Paranormal Romance Titles

The Initiate

Ivan Zolnerowich is the master of all he surveys, and the ruler of an ancient vampire coven that has existed for centuries. Adding members to his house has kept his coven strong and unbreakable. The initiation is more ceremonious than necessary, but tradition holds their group together. He never could dismiss the power of sexual want and appetite, and he's more than happy to give himself to their newest initiate.

Jessica Waterman found them by accident, but couldn't wait to become one of them. Their beauty, their power, their everlasting love, were all temptations that she could no longer resist. Her initiation is tonight, and her expectations are high. But, dying is scary for anyone, especially for a virgin that is surrounded by highly sexual beings.

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Invoking Ostara by: Lisa A. Adams 

Macey has trained extensively to complete the sacred ritual of Invoking Ostara, but when madness ensues and threatens her lover, will Ostara hear her pleas?

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Spooktacular Seductions: Anthology

Spooky Hollow Cafe' by: Lisa A. Adams

Falling in love can be terrifying. 

Available in ebook or print from these sights:

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