Friday, March 29, 2013

Editing woes. Walked vs STARTED Walking

Every editor is different!

I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with three different editors so far for my releases. Each had their own style and I truly feel blessed that I have seen how very special and unique each editor's vision for my writing style shapes the story that I have written them.


I am having an issue. Often in my writing, I am being "hit" on the use of the word "started" in front of a blurb. One of my editors told me that it was a useless word and I should cut them all. If a character has "started" an action, then they are doing it, so just say they are doing it.


Jimmy turned and started walking to the refrigerator.  (My rough sentence.)
Jimmy turned and walked to the refrigerator. (What is preferred.)

Unfortunately, I see these as to very different sentences. I could be the only one, but lets see what you think. In my sentence, (present tense) Jimmy has just turned and is just taking his first two steps to the refrigerator. In the second sentence, Jimmy has turned and walked (past tense) to the fridge. This means that his journey is complete. He made it to the fridge. I see this as a distance issue.

If Jimmy is still walking to the fridge,  something could happen in between. (His girlfriend swings him around by the arm to face her.) If Jimmy has made it to the fridge, then there is distance between them unless the girlfriend is following.

I don't know. Maybe its just me. But we "START" actions all the time. Some of us never do finish them. Because in any action, "TIME" is involved. There is a beginning and end to everything.

So what do you think? Is there a difference in the two? Should EVERY "started" be cut from a manuscript?  Let me know what you think in the comments below.

See you soon,

Friday, March 22, 2013

Traveling the Web : At Daily Dose of Decadence: The Seduction of the Massage

Today I'm on the decadent Publishing Blog - A Daily Dose of Decadence. Please come in and visit. Today is about the "Seduction of the Massage!"

Daily Dose of Decadence: The Seduction of the Massage: By Lisa A. Adams


It's Release Day! The Harvest Queen's Tutor is available!

Please welcome, The Harvest Queen's Tutor!

About the book:

From idea to completion, The Harvest Queen's Tutor was an "out of my element" experience. Previously, I had sunk in pretty hard to historical romance. And was loving every minute of it. My Ancient Rome series "Caledonia's Captives" saw the release of book 1 "The Legionnaire's Prize" on January 18th, 2013. Since I taught ancient world history, this has always been my comfort zone.

However,  my oldest daughter was dying to read it, and I wasn't sure I really wanted her to. So, I started The Harvest Queen's Tutor. It is technically considered a New Adult Sweet Romance. My main characters are starting off their first year of college, and it's a young blooming love.

To keep the manuscript PG-13 and at an appropriate level for my daughter, there is the hint of a "closed door" act. But, I wanted to pull my readers into the connection and passion that the characters would share. So, I introduced a very sensual, almost full body, massage. The chapter was breath taking, even as I wrote it, and I hope you enjoy it as well.

Book Blurb:

Sophie Carmichael is flunking out of college. Returning home to ride in a parade is the last thing she needs. But, running into Michael “Mick” Shover, once known to be the town bad boy, suddenly gives her an idea. Could Mick really help her? And what will be his price?


“You honestly don’t think I can just let you in and leave you here unsupervised, do you?”
She needed time. “Okay. You can tutor me for an hour, and then I get to study for an hour by myself.”
Michael flipped his hand through is hair. “Deal. And the best part, it will only cost you dinner.”
“Dinner? Are you serious?” Sophie couldn’t believe her ears. First, he offers to help. Now, he wants dinner. But, he would be giving up his night to help me. I guess it’s the least I can do. She’d only have to buy a meal. That was actually a good deal. “Okay, what do you want me to pick up?”
“Actually, I was thinking more of the homemade type. Whatever you’re having for dinner, bring me a plate.” Michael gave a mischievous wink and unlocked the door.
“You can’t be serious.” Sophie crossed her arms.
“You bet I am.” Michael imitated her actions and faced her. “Those are the terms for tonight’s lesson. We’ll discuss other payment options tonight for the rest of your lessons.”
“I don’t know how else you think I can pay you, but if it’s what I think, you’re greatly mistaken.” God, could he be serious?
Michael cocked his head ever so slightly. “I’m not sure I follow your meaning.”
Sophie’s heart sped, and she could feel her face getting hotter. “You mean, you didn’t mean…?” Sophie covered her mouth with her hand. “I can’t believe it. I’m so embarrassed.” Sophie turned and ran out the door into the open parking lot.
“Sophie. Wait.” Michael chased her but just as Sophie jumped into her car, he hit the side door. He tapped the window, and she lowered it an inch. “Sophie, calm down. It was funny, really. Meet me here at nine.”
Sophie’s stomach tightened as she gripped the steering wheel. She thought about her awkward statement, and then about how much she desperately needed someone’s help. “Fine. Tonight, here at nine. You’ll have supper, and I get my first tutoring session.”
“Great.” Michael stepped away from the car door to let her back up. “Hey, Sophie?”
“Yeah, Michael.”
“What are we studying tonight, so I can be prepared?”
Sophie choked on her answer at first, feeling herself redden. “Anatomy.”

The Harvest Queen's Tutor is available from the following sites, today!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Just how far is TOO far?

A rambling on the prejudice of close-minded people -

Sure, I'm probably going to get some backlash for this post. Hey, everyone's entitled to an opinion. Feel free to express yours in the comments. I promise I won't yell, berate, or even take it personally. After all, I'm a professional, and I will thank you for just commenting.  That being said ~

Those who frequent here often, know that I write romance. From sweet contemporary to flowery language. I'm what you would call a level 1-2 heat romance writer. That's just my personal comfort zone in writing.

Many of my friends write much higher heat levels, and they are good at what they do! I absolutely LOVE reading their work, but deep inside I know that it is not in my comfort zone. So, I leave it to my expert friends.

On one of my publisher's author sites, I saw a post from a man who had just released his first book about a month ago. He writes a pretty solid level four heat, but has been recently discouraged on writing anymore. His book is awesome! Well thought out plot and intriguing characters had me turning through it quickly. However, he has received some HEAVY discouragement just because he is a MAN!

I don't understand. Really people! "Women write Romance, Men write Crime." In all bluntness, may I just say... "Bull Shit!" One of the most noted romance writers of our time right now is Nicholas Sparks. I mean who hasn't seen his books turn into blockbuster movies for more than 10 years.

The age old thought that "mean can't show their softer side because it shows their weaknesses" was said by a MAN! WOMEN love to see a man with emotion. We want to know that he actually does care about something, and sometimes saying words are simply not enough.

I guess I get so worked up, because as a women I have spent most of my life trying to change the image people stereotyped me as. I wrestled in high school. (Yep. I did that! The only girl on the team.) I joined the Navy and was billeted as the 10th female to graduate the Sonar ITASS Pipeline. (When I was placed on a ship, I was the only female on the team for Sonar). When I went back to get my college degree, I chose teaching. Yes a mostly female profession. But, I chose Middle School! Out of our 113 teaching degrees given out that year, only 17 of us were Middle School Certified.

People have the right to live the lives they want to lead. They have a right to be happy. If a man wants to write romance, he should! If a woman wants to be the next big Sci-fi writer, I say go for it!

If it's not hurting you, who are you to say anything to hurt them? If you don't like the fact that a man wrote it, don't buy it. But also, don't go around slandering his name. As authors we write for the love of it. If you haven't heard of us, it's because we make only small amounts from our writing. We do it to TELL a story. If you don't want to HEAR the story, please have the courtesy to be quite, so others may enjoy it.


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sorting my Writing Life

1st - Check out all my updated pages!

From new pages like the recently added "My Books", to all the rest. New information has been uploaded to each of my pages, so you can help celebrate or cry when the time comes. Thank you everyone for making 2013 an amazing year already!

2nd - A New Release is Coming!

From Decadent Publishing, this coming Friday, March 22nd, 2013. "The Harvest Queen's Tutor" a new adult contemporary romance will be available online! If you want to know where to find it, links will be posted on "My Books" page Friday morning. (That's 3 this year!)

3rd - New Goals and New Writings!

Book 2 of "Caledonia's Captives" has been accepted and we should be expecting it to come out soon. In the meantime, Book 3 is the new writing project. Latest goal date is April 15th, but I'm shooting for March 31st. Why do you ask?  because......

4th - CampNaNoWriMo!

CampNaNoWriMo starts in April. I hope to be able to devote the entire month of April to this endeavor and win with my new mss that I will be pitching to HARLEQUIN Editors May 8th! Yes, I have a speed date pitch session with a Harlequin Editor! I'm so excited.

So, that's what's new, what's coming up, and what's happened. Please keep in touch and I'll see you guys around.  You can find me easily on twitter @LisaAdamsWriter and help run an unofficial #writeclub sprint from 9-11pm EST (sometimes longer) every Tuesday night! Regular #writeclub sprints are Friday nights from 8GMT - 11PST. So pretty much all day! Come join us!

See you around and thanks for stopping by!

Friday, March 8, 2013

HerStory Release! And Giveaway!

In ancient times, women were regarded as sacred. They were thought to hold the mystical power of creation—responsible for the continuation of our species. With the rise of Science and Religion, these myths were dispelled and their plight began.

HerStory: Fiction Honoring Women’s History Month is a collection of Flash Fiction and Short Stories from today's top authors featuring female characters that exemplify strong strength of mind, body, and character. Some of these tales are based on real people while others are purely fictional. However, all are standing up for themselves and what they believe in.

Grab yourself a glass of wine or favorite hot beverage and get comfortable as you read about the lives of women who will light the fire in your soul.

It's finally here. HerStory. Available to the masses. And to honor release day, we're having a party. Use the Rafflecopter below to enter to win some terrific prizes. *U.S. residents only*

Here's what's up for grabs.


First Grand Prize
First Grand Prize
Because they have the same agenda: empowering girls/women, Keira's Kollection owner Mr. Wagstaff has graciously agreed to donate a Strong is Beautiful T-shirt. One very lucky woman is not only going to walk away with a paperback copy of HerStory and be empowered through words, but she will also be showing her empowerment right there on her shirt.

And that's not all, the grand prize winner also gets a pair of earrings from Cathy from Etsy, who runs Yesware. The earrings sparkle one side and have a message on the other side: the greatest story never told.
Only, we're telling it, the authors of HerStory. We are telling it.


Author Laura DeLuca has donated an incense diffuser to go along with some handmade soap from Greenchild Creations.

And we're throwing an e-book into this mix. Why soap and diffusers? What does that have to do with women's history?

In HerStory, Mathilda of Ringelheim runs a bath house. It seems appropriate to honor herstory this way.

AND as Mathilda seems to know, every woman needs soap and every woman needs time to relax. So one lucky winner will take a nice long shower with her fantastic handmade soap, set her diffuser on a table, and curl up with HerStory on her kindle. Who says you can't be relaxed and empowered at the same time? (and smell good)


Another donation from Laura DeLuca: an ebook, a Japanese tea set, and an Oriental incense diffuser. How does this tie into HerStory?

In Please Stay, Asuka, a Japanese wife of the 1600s, is preparing the evening meal while awkwardly trying to discuss a matter--somewhat delicate--but of great importance with her husband.

As you get lost in your ebook, in Asuka's story (penned by Becca Diane), you can pretend you are there. Perhaps you feel your husband's penetrating stare. But you serve him his tea, straighten your spine, and say what needs to be said...then wait, breath held, for his reply, incense lightening the tension in the air...


One lucky winner will have a chance to make their voice heard on the radio...with a $25 Amazon gift card burning a hole in their pocket!

HerStory goes behind the scenes to locate the stories of women who lived, laughed, and touched the lives of generations...

Now, here is your chance to have your story told to the world....or your mother''s your chance to talk about the most inspiring woman or women in YOUR life. Shout it out! Tell listeners everywhere about this amazing person. Honor her!

This prize is being donated by Indie Reviews Behind the Scenes.


Four of these tins of mints are being donated by the Unemployed Philosophers Guild. That means four lucky winners are going to win a tin of mints to carry around in their pockets and every time they look at the tin, they'll be empowered!

The tin is also the perfect size to serve as a pillbox once the mints are gone. This is something you can keep for a LONG time.


Author and editor Tara Chevrestt has a secret addiction and hobby. It makes her feel like an old lady, so she keeps it under wraps, but now the truth is out...

She likes to cross stitch!!!

And with the suffragette tales (Sister Suffragettes by Dahlia DeWinters and Chevrestt's own From You No and Silent Suffragette) in the back of her mind, she found a pattern on Etsy by Patternbird and set to stitching.

Two lucky winners will walk away with these. They are 3.25" by 6" and have a hard backing so they may be placed on a wall.


Donated from Rakestraw Book Design.

Toni Rakestraw, one of the HerStory contributors, is stitching this hat so one lucky reader can--in her mind--march in a suffragette parade as she reads HerStory. Or perhaps this is something Margaret Sanger would have worn as she leaves the workhouse in The Woman Rebel.


You've heard the term multi-published and many of HerStory's authors can place that before their name, but how about multi-talented?

Author Morgan Summerfield can not only write as she shoes us in Adella, but she can paint too! She is kindly donating a painting 27" wide by 11" high, titled Morning Poppies. The frame is handmade with real wood and she stretches all her own canvases. It is hand-painted-by her!-in multi media.

And last, but certainly not least, we have a lovely Coco Chanel quote pendant donated by the lovely Jewelry Designs by Lula. One winner will win this delightful pendant that says  A girl should be things: WHO and WHAT she wants.

I could not have said it better.

Enter for all prizes using the Rafflecopter form below. Giveaway is for three weeks. Winners will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to respond with their snail mail addresses. After 48 hours, new winners will be chosen.

Thank you and enjoy HerStory! Be empowered! Learn something. Believe in yourself and womankind.

Buy links:
Barnes and Noble

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