Sunday, January 1, 2012

Writer's Workout Day 1

"Write Like You Breathe"
I'm sure that this will be an ongoing goal.  But, one that I could set myself up with easily.  The object here is to really forget about striving for perfection and to just go with it.  Anywhere the notion hits, you should be ready for it. 

So, to prepare... since it's after Christmas and I have acquired a plethora of writing tablets and pens as gifts, I have strategically placed them throughout the house.  One on the counter next to the stove, a set in the laundry room, on the shelf in the bathroom next to the toilet, a set on the bathroom counter, one on my nightstand, and one on the end table next to the recliner.  That pretty much covers my bases on the inside and I hit the outside as well.  I have one in my car and one on my front porch (carefully tucked away from the elements).  So next time the muse smacks me upside the head, I'll be prepared to reign her in and throw her down on paper :-)

The second part of this is to write (of course) everyday.  The coach says strive for a page a day.  Anyone can do a page a day, right?  Well, of course we can.  I mean I have a full time job, five children, a husband, and am affiliated with all types of after school functions, and I can make the time for at least one page a day.  But, it's a good place to start.  Last years goal was 30 minutes a day and I couldn't always get that one in.  This year it will be easier.

My writing for today was totally random and will stay that way of course.  I have a girl sneaking out of her house.  It was just a set up.  But, it lead me to write down all these wonderful questions about her that I know the readers would want to know as well.  I have a list of about 20 so far and growing.  This will be the beginning of a plot for me once I start answering some of these questions.  (Oh, and I actually got two pages down!)  The only real thing I know is that it's a YA and I think I'm leaning to a paranormal romance (though vamps and lycans are out of the question.)  But, we shall see.  Perhaps my writing tomorrow will help answer some of those questions I asked about her.  Maybe... she will answer them for me.

Lisa Adams

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