Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Review of "Grand Slam" by Misty Matthews

What's New to Review ~ Wednesday!

It's been another crazy, hectic week here as my house renovations are taking over almost every single other aspect of my life. But, my weekly read was something I was not willing to give up. I put my foot down and explained to my hubby that you wonderful readers NEEDED me to post my blog this morning to tell you all about another fabulous book. (And it was fabulous!) He finally saw things my way, and I got an hour break, and you get to hear about an amazing new novella! So it's a win-win-win!

The Book~

Grand Slam is a novella length story, coming in at just over 16k and released by Sweet Cravings Publishing January 22, 2014. A quick read, I was done in under an hour, and some sport analogies in it but nothing that would get anyone confused. I am a sports fan, but not a baseball fan. Football and Hockey are my men sports, and Soccer for the ladies. However, I was not confused at all with the backdrop of this sport, as the author did a decent job of incorporating the big events of a game without over detailing it.

The Plot~

A wonderful week of passion after college graduation, leaves our heroine, Brittany, with a lifetime of wonderful memories and a token that she won't soon forget. Raising a child on her own is her personal choice, besides how could she stand in the way of all his major league dreams. But keeping secrets always has its downfall.

When her son begs to her to go to the game with him, Brittany fears that her life will topple to the ground. If big baller Justin were to find out about his son, he may take her life away. She's already lost half her heart to the playboy, she won't let him take the other half of her heart as well.

Enter the hero, it's been almost eleven years since he's seen her, but he's thought of her every day. Sure there are tabloids and gossip columns rumors, but Justin is still searching for the one that got away.

When he hits a Grand Slam and her face appears on the jumbotron, he's sure it's his imagination, but the camera zooms in again and he knows it's her. With raw emotion he aims to get what he lost back, but something doesn't sit well in stomach. And the tides, they are turning.

The Verdict?

Ms. Matthews, I am in love with your writing style! This was a story of true character development and emotion. The intertwined back story was believable with all the detail and explanation. A tug at my heart strings and almost a tear in my eye. This story was a step apart from almost everything I've reviewed here so far. With minor sexual scenes written in to enhance the story, but not overpower, I believe that Ms. Matthews will one day grace the coveted New York Times Best Seller list! Really, truly amazing writing here.

It's a "Five Cups of Love" read!
Though I'd give it 6 if I could!

Don't wait! Get your copy today! ~$2.99

Until next week, 
Happy Reading!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Review of "My Bloody Valentine - Vol. 1" Edited by Kristen Pavka

What's New to Review ~ Wednesday!

Good Morning my fellow avid readers! Oh, I have the most splendid anthology to tell you about today and I just can't wait! So We're starting right away!

The Book: 

"My Bloody Valentine - Vol.1" was released just this past Friday on Valentine's Day! It is a short story anthology with twenty one very unique and different stories that was written by seventeen brilliant authors. Edited by one Ms. Kristen Pavka and published on ebook by Breathless Press. The collection stands complete at a little over 38k and each individual story hoovers around 2k. Excellent length for each story, might I add, for those waiting in the car for five minutes to pick a kid up, or hiding it in the laundry room while you're pretending to fold clothes (not that I would know anything about that...). Short, quick, HOT, steamy, reads that all have a Bloody theme to them.

Yes, unlike any other anthology I've ever seen out there, this collection of shorts all have a steamy quickie, but may not necessarily have a Happily Ever After or Happy For Now ending. But, the writing! Oh the writing is amazing! Each and every one of these talented writers adds a new voice to the collection, a new situation, and a new twist on some old tales. They were all absolutely incredible!

The Stories:

Little Red by Tysche Dwai - A very new twist on an old tale. Rumors have been swarming the realm and Red still has to make it to Granny's. But, a magical being meets her along the way and where there are fangs, you have to know that there are vampires!

Butterfly by Decadent Kane - The devil, a demon, and an extremely strong heroine that is willing to do anything for love. I'm already a fan of Ms. Kane and this story has been added to the list of greats!

One Way to Say Goodbye by Robin Crawford - An excellent addition to the antho! The emotional intensity of this story is well crafted. You feel exactly what the heroine feels.

Last Kiss by D. F. Krieger - The apocalypse is here! Drama, drama, drama! A couple fighting against a deadly disease, one last time, one last kiss. Great story telling!

No Change in Policy in Room 8 by Torie James - Yes! A fabulous short. very gripping and a twist at the end that leaves you laughing at the Hero's cockiness. Loved it! way to go Ms. James!

The Dark Man by H.K. Sterling - A life ending game, or is it just the beginning? Excellent read! A strong heroine and a hero you want to partake in!

Blindfold by Jay Wilburn - And just what exactly would you do for food when the apocalypse comes? A very sensually sexy story and an ending that could lead to disaster but they're together.

Dangerous Desires by Jen Bradlee - Historical with a masked man and a twist. Loved the feel of old world London this short had in such a short length. Bravo Ms. Bradlee!

Three Little Men by Dianne Hartsock - The first tale in this book that actually felt almost like it was straight out of a horror scene. Creatively imagined and well-written! Too bad I read it at night and was slightly freaked out. But, I LOVE horror so that's a good thing!

Awaiting Our Reunion by Christine Morgan - This short read like a memoir to me from the beginning and was the first in the book that was emotionally painful for me. I almost wanted to cry it was that good. Congrats on focusing in on that romantic pain Ms. Morgan! 

Rhythm and Blues by Brantwijn Serrah - A shifter, some voodoo magic, and a sin for a sin. Totally brilliant! This story came from nowhere and knocked my socks off. It was definitely unexpected and fit the anthology well!

Tempting Sin by Shellie Rosewarne - An angel tempted by sin and lead by lust. A fulfilling sexual encounter, well played out and incredibly described. Props to Ms. Rosewarne!

Rebirth with a Rose by Kera Faire - Don't mess with a woman who wants to be left to please herself and is wearing stilettos. Yep, Lesson Learned.  Thanks for that one Ms. Faire. I loved the ending there. Just enough sarcasm and flair to love this heroine.

Invoking Ostara by Lisa A. Adams - Yes, this is my story. Of course I love it... Watch for the twist at the end.

Spider Prince by Iyana Jenna - A unique shifter story. Finally, one that doesn't involve Werewolves and the like. Ms. Jenna has an eye for detail here and I can almost imagine the writer sitting and watching a spider crawl across the floor, trying to get every word right. The secret is in the details. Bravo!

Stormy Night in Old Town by Kelly Ryan - A true ghost story here and a steamy love scene. Ms. Ryan has a way with the sexy parts that's for sure. Kudos! I loved it!

Aphrodisiac by Roni Sharpe - I always did love a good Incubus story. Perfect. Hot loving and a fulfilled love scene. Then there is the coldness of a casual lay. Great story telling.

Siren's Call by Shelli Roseware - Ah, the Sirens of old Ancient Greek tales raise their weary heads in this title and it's a hit. Of course I'm quite partial to mythic infused writing so it's almost certain that I would like this story. Ms. Roseware has done her research and that speaks volumns to a a fellow historical writer. Great story!

Feral by Decadent Kane - Continuing the elf revolution, Ms. Kane has pleased us once again. Dare I say, Ms. Kane be crowned the new Elf Queen? She's got my vote! Hot, teasing love, and an elf's undoing. More please!

The Shed by Brantwijn Serrah - This story is of secrets and pain. (The good kind!) Loved it. Probably the hottest read in the book and a great addition to the anthology. I was just thinking, I want a Reid :-)

Under the Shadow of Wings by H.K. Sterling - A goddess on a mission. A lingering soul to devour. She's found her prey. Lets hear it for the mile-high club! I haven't seen a story on a plane in years, and Ms. Sterling has covered it in detail. Yay!

The Verdict?

There were so many different tales that seemed to sneak up on you and take you for a ride. Different settings, characters, pairings, love making, and plots all take a wild ride in this anthology. With all of the personal detail above is there any doubt?

It's a "Five Cups of Love" read! 

Get your own copy at the following locations! ~ $3.99

Until next week~ happy reading!
Lisa A. Adams

Friday, February 14, 2014

New Release! My Bloody Valentine (anthology)

It's Release Day!

It's a great Friday morning here in North Carolina. (Except of course for the snow and ice that has been on the ground for the last four days... uggh.) But! It's Valentine's Day! That wonderful day of the year that has been turned into a marketing scheme of men having to buy roses or chocolates or dinner for their loved ones.Yep, just one day a year, you have to show me how special I am. (I'm not sarcastic or anything.)

But along side of that, I do have a new story being released today!

Invoking Ostara

Macey has trained extensively to complete the sacred ceremony of invoking Ostara, but

when madness ensues and threatens her lover, will Ostara hear her pleas?

Get it here!

Breathless Press

This story is being released in the "My Bloody Valentine" anthology that was released today from Breathless Press. Oh, and here's the kicker. It's Valentine's Day and we want to show our book love!

Every book on Breathless Press website it 20% off! Including the "My Bloody Valentine" anthology, my ancient Roman series with "The Legionnaire's Prize" and "His Seafaring Siren" and my Covert line Romantic suspense "Saving Holiday."

I'll be reviewing the "My Bloody Valentine" anthology on this weeks "What's New to Review ~ Wednesday" blog post. Don't forget to stop back by then, or sign up for my newsletter to have it delivered directly to your inbox with so much more!


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Double Reviews! Tempting Clover and The Raven's Kill!

What's New to Review ~ Wednesday!

Greetings and Something New!

This week I was asked to review TWO very special books that have just been released in the past two weeks. And I just couldn't say no. Both of these books are novella length and definitely within my requirements, and from one of the great publishers that I have been fortunate to work with. 

So without further ado... Let's get started!

Tempting Clover: The Trouble with Elves Book 2 by Decadent Kane

I consider myself lucky enough to have been asked to read the first book in this series, "Ribbon of Darkness" back in December and this next book in the series was just as amazing as the first! One thing that I absolutely loved about this series is that you don't HAVE to read the first before you read the second. There are no interlinking characters and the story lines vary greatly. The main theme in the series? It's all about elves!

On a side note, I have to admit that I'm not usually a "fantasy" reader. I enjoy the paranormal, historical, and regular contemporary romances on a usual basis. However, as I mentioned above, this is the second in this series that I've been asked to review, and I do hope that Ms. Kane comes out with a dozen more and I am asked to review EACH and EVERY one of them.

The Verdict?

Though this story is written with a darker plot than the first in the series, it is one that grabs you from the beginning and sweeps you up in the escape. Filled with twisted deeds, provocative situations, and an enslaved elf who is willing to do anything to free herself, this story had me flipping the digital pages, and praying that the little Elfess would find her redemption. I so want more from this brilliant author! Bring on the "Elf" revolution!

It's a "Five Cups of Love" Read!

Get your copy today~ $1.99

The Raven's Kill by Ella Grey

My second book this week was a paranormal read and I have to admit, truly sucked me in! This is a shifter paranormal, where our hero Raven is just that... a raven shifter, not to mention a talented assassin. His jobs are easy: kill the ones assigned to him and that deserve it. When his new assignment is a beautiful woman with a power of her own, Raven finds himself questioning his resolve. 

A new need arises in Raven to protect, and he's suddenly flying in uncharted territory. Someone wants her dead, will he be able to save her instead?

The verdict?

Dramatic and entertaining! Ms. Grey has the knack of crafting fine suspense intertwined with passion and sexual situations. Can I just interject here that I've read several books that have the heroine pleasuring themselves, but koodos to Ms. Grey to perfecting it! A raven shifter is unique and definitely NOT overdone and the whole premise of this book was fresh. So...

It's a "Five Cups of Love" Read!

Get Your Own copy at these locations! $1.99

Next week, I'll have a review of the "My Bloody Valentine" anthology from Breathless Press that includes one of my own stories. 

Until next time!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Review of "Heavenly Revenge" by Victoria Black

What's New to Review ~ Wednesday!

It's been another fabulous week here and I've been a part of some great things! I had another submission accepted for a "sweet" anthology, my newsletter went out on Sunday without a hitch, and I was able to participate in a live Facebook chat with the lovely editors of Ellora's Cave. They had some valuable information and some that really comes into play today.

A question was asked about the difference between Erotic Romance and Erotica. Marchae, one of the editors chiming in with answers did an amazing job at covering this question.

  • The primary difference between erotica and erotic romance is the development of a relationship between the main characters. If characters overcome emotional obstacles and find a happy ever after (sometimes happy for now), it is usually considered an erotic romance. If characters are on a sexual journey that involves exploration of their sexuality without the development of a long-term relationship or romance in the process, it is usually an erotica story. Because the two are so close, it can be confusing.~Marchae
There, you see! She hit it right on the nose! This week's read "Heavenly Revenge" starts off very much like a strictly erotica story. It isn't until about half way through the book that you understand that a mounting attraction between the two main characters is beginning to build and its not just about sex anymore, turning this read into an erotic romance! (And a pretty damned good one, too!)

The Book:

"Heavenly Revenge" is a novella put out by Secret Cravings Publishing and written by Victoria Black. Released in January of 2013, this 27k story is probably the longest I have reviewed on my site. (For my regular readers, I'm sure you've noticed I prefer the quickies!) When Ms. Black asked me to review this for her, I must say at first I was hesitant just because of the extra length. However, the pause was not long as I read the blurb. This was different, and a book I knew I wanted to share with you all. Reading time was approximately three hours. Now, that being said, I really believe I am becoming a faster reader with all of these books I've been reading lately. Let's put it this way, it's about half the size of a Harlequin serial. So now you have an idea about how long it would take for you to read it.

The Plot:

And here comes the unusual. Our heroine is dead. Yep, you heard me. And I'm not giving away anything here because you figure that out in the first two pages of the book. But, she wasn't supposed to die yet. Heaven's not ready for her. So, she has two choices. Hang around Earth haunting people, including her cheating-ex, or go live life in an alternate universe and save the world. Um... hello? Bad-ass chick check... SAVE THE WORLD!
The hero? An arrogant king, who is at war with neighbors and believes her to be a spy. Can we say punishment :-)

The Verdict:

I'm really on the fence about this one. The ending was spectacular. An assured happily ever after and what not. But the first meeting of this pair is rather rough and hard to take. The first sexual encounter happens early in the book, but it isn't under the best of terms. There was that moment that I almost put the book down because I thought it was too close to unwanted sex. (I'm so glad I didn't!) In fact the heroine keeps telling him to stop & he keeps persisting until finally she gives in and he has his way with her. Now, she enjoys every bit of it & even urges him to continue. The games continue throughout the rest of the book, and it is an enthralling read, but that first scene was rough. So, I've thought a lot about it and I have to say this is....
It's a "Four Cups of Love" read!

Get your copy at these locations! ~ $4.99

Secret Cravings Publishing

Stay tuned for next week, when I'll be hosting TWO amazing authors and their hottest new releases! 

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