Monday, October 14, 2013

Writing for the Love of it...

 It's FALL!

Grab it here!
I'm so happy the season is changing.

The leaves are falling, the temperatures are dropping, and sitting on the front porch with a blanket and a good book seems like the perfect thing to put on your to do list.

Need a sweat romance to get you going? Try my New Adult release from Decadent Publishing. Though it may be New Adult, I can almost guarantee that any age group will love the pairing of these two characters and their budding new relationship. 

It's been a crazy few months!

From government shutdowns to family affairs; writing time to working "the job" full time: these past few months have been hectic. But, there have been some amazing successes along the way.

  1. My 1st editor left the company I was signed with, BUT she has returned :-)
  2. My seventh submission was accepted and was to be released in September, BUT it is in another anthology, and the work has been delayed.
  3. My 1st paranormal release "The Initiate" came back with minimal changes and an absolutely GORGEOUS cover, BUT I still don't have a release date.
  4. My 1st romantic suspense "Saving Holiday" will be out in December and that cover is sparkly and shiny, BUT I finished working on 1st round edits this weekend to a total tune of 15 hours and 12 minutes. (Yes that's strictly writing time, and doesn't include break times.)
So as you can see, there are ups and downs here to the average writer's life. And just like any other profession, you must learn to take the good with the bad. If you love the work you're doing, you'll suffer through the bad parts. (They never last long anyhow.)

Finally: The Big Announcement!

My 1st series, and my first release to be exact, has hit the top 100 on two separate Amazon Lists!

  Caledonia Captives Book 1 - The Legionnaire's Prize


Decimus wasn’t born a Roman and doesn’t intend to stay one, but leaving is complicated… especially with a new wife in tow. 

Don't forget to follow it up with Book 2 in the series. 
  Caledonia Captives Book 2 - His Seafaring Siren


On a dangerous rescue mission to Rome, new couple Mowriyah and Septimus are forced to face the temptation of past lovers and the trials and tribulations of rocky seas.

Have a happy fall day and maybe you'll get some reading in. I'm sure going to try to!
Lisa A. Adams