Thursday, January 5, 2012

"The Writer's Workout" Day 5 - 8 things under $100 that can enhance your writing career!

"Microinvest in Learning"

Reading today's topic in my wonderful Writer's Coach book, "The Writer's Workout" by Christina Katz, reminded me of a saying that a dear family member told me.  "You have to spend money to make money!" 

If you are like me, you are one of those lovely people that make up the "blue collar" working class of America. We are experts at living paycheck to paycheck and though we may have a little saved up if the heater or something goes out, we are pretty much stretched to our limits.  So, the question remains, "How can we invest in our writing careers without breaking the bank?"

Well, you are currently looking at one way, which ties in nicely with Day 4 workout.  Blogging is great for social promotion and creating a platform of readers that doesn't require any money to start.  You can always personalize your blog for a small fee of usually under $20 and get your own ".com" that links straight to your blog site.

But, I want to talk about some opportunities under $100, that can really help boost you and the career in the right direction. 
  1. Continuing education classes. - Almost every community college I know of in North Carolina has linked into something called Ed2Go.  They are distance education classes that are taught on just about anything from teaching to (you guessed it) creative writing and publishing.  Avg. cost $65 a class. Oh... and classes start monthly.
  2. Books, books, and more books! - If you want to learn from professionals how to write, books can be an invaluable expense.  Not just for writing but publishing as well. Try Writer's Digest, great selection and sales all the time. Avg. cost $25
  3. The "Writer's Digest" magazine subscription - No monetary amount can be placed on this wonderful desk reference for writers.  10 issues packed full of writer interviews, tips, website info, you name it. Yearly subscription? $14.95 from the card inside a magazine.
  4. Online Writer Group classes - I'm sure there are site all over the world for other genre's but since I am a romance writer, I just know where to find these easier.  There are so many chapters of RWA that offer online classes for minimal fees.  These classes are taught by highly respected authors and professionals of their field.  Avg. cost $16 - 25 for a four week class.
  5. Speaking of RWA - join a professional Writing Association for your genre. Most genres I know about have one. Avg cost $45 a year.
  6. Local Writing Groups - Barnes and Noble in my area sponsors a "Writers in Motion" get together every 3rd Thursday of the month.  It's completely free to have someone to write with, critique your work, offer advice, and for general support.  Avg. cost $ a few bucks in gas and whatever books you happen to buy while you're there.
  7. WD Webinars and Tutorials - Many subjects covering many different genres.  These are sure to be a wealth of information.  They are a little more costly, but once you purchase one, you have pretty much unlimited access to it.  Watch it a dozen times if need be, and feel like the instructor is actually there talking to you.  Avg. cost $75-95.
  8. "The Writer's Workout: 366 Tips, Tasks, and Techniques from Your Writing Career Coach" - I cannot speak more highly than this.  I had to add it to this list as a separate bullet from Books because it really has become a Great Inspiration to me as far as my writing career goes. Avg. cost $20. (and worth every penny!)
I'm sure that this an incredibly short list but it is a true sample of some of the things that I have already done in "Microinvesting in Learning".   I truly believe these things have already helped my writing career, and I'm sure they can help you as well, as long as you use them correctly.  Give one or two of them a try.  You may be amazed at just how much it has helped!

Good Luck to us All!
Lisa Adams

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