Saturday, January 14, 2012

"The Writer's Workout" Day 11 - You mean I can write nonfiction?

Incorporating Nonfiction

So catch up from Thursday night, I only regret one major thing about this particular night and this day's workout.  I am a teacher by day, so when I think about writing nonfiction there's only one type that I absolutely know that I am good at... writing Lesson Plans.  Blame it on the day job, I guess.

I couldn't get past this day's exercise as well.  Thursday and Friday night were spent looking at things that dealt with my job and creating new worksheets and doing a little research.  What was the research?  Well, it goes back to Day 2's workout and Selling your words.  Where on earth could I sell my lesson plans?  Well, if any of you have ever just googled "lesson plans", I'm sure you were as amazed as I was.  Now, to go along with this story I have to let you know, I've been a teacher for quite awhile.  I knew of a lot of lesson plan pages that I could get information from... For FREE! We don't get paid much, so as you can imagine the cheaper the better. 

But! I found an amazing website called TeachersPayTeachers and it was all lesson plans and worksheets and everything.  Free Membership and the money is paid to the teachers.  Worksheets are being sold for a buck!  Yeah, I'd pay a dollar for a great worksheet, especially if it covered exactly what I needed.  And I guess a lot of other teachers feel that way, too.  One of the number one paid downloads was a dollar worksheet and... it had been downloaded over 10,000 times!  Which means, with the terms and agreements of the site the author created just ONE worksheet and received almost $5,000 dollars.  Oh, I can so do that!  And the muse hit me again, right upside the head and I created some pretty cool things to use in a middle grades classroom that focused on certain common core strands. 

I have not posted these as of yet, because I was thinking about a whole collection at first for a cheaper amount and then posting them individually at the dollar rate.  That way, if the teacher wanted the full collection they could get a discount. But, if the teacher only wanted a worksheet or two then they wouldn't have to spend the whole amount for things they didn't want.

To make a long story short, I'm now two full days behind for the "1 workout per day" that I had set myself as a goal earlier.  I'm still not worried.  Christina Katz said at the beginning of the book that you should "Take your time".  Don't be in a rush to finish.  Maybe I was rushing just a little too much.
Lisa Adams

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