Monday, January 2, 2012

"The Writer's Workout" Day 2

"Sell your words"
Okay, this day's goal I thought would be easy.  I wrote for my page like I was supposed to for day 1 and tried to knockout day 2 quickly.  That was somewhat of a mistake.  The author, Christina Katz, and my personal writing coach for the year through her awesome book "The Writer's Workout", tells me to print out all my previous writings and put them in a binder to shelve.  I am assuming that this is only for awhile so that I may focus on my current writing and go back to look at some ideas later. 

The only problem is that I don't have enough paper to print out all my papers to file away!  I'm sitting her looking at the mass number of writings that I have on my laptop and realize that, my writing is really all over the board.  Anyways, we aren't supposed to be to overly critical of it, just file it away for now. 

Solution?  Pen Drives! Back up CD's, and an external hard drive. Why 3 different methods?  The writing on this machine constitutes a good portion of my last few years of writing. I'm not ready to part with it so easily.   (Do I think she means to erase it from your computer?  No.  But this is going to help me clean up my work area and be prepared to write exactly what I am going to sell.)

After all, what indeed is the reason of writing, if you don't mean to share it with someone.  (now I just need to skip ahead to day 38 "Dismantle Dismal Thinking" But, I will resist. All in order, one day at a time.)

With a much cleaner desktop and a good copy of the 2012 Short Story Market by WD, I am ready to begin with my selling and my writing to sell.    Are you??  Join me!

Lisa Adams

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