Sunday, October 16, 2011


In a world of the digital age, community forums become a lifeline for writers who need that socialization.  I personally, am not an avid forum poster... in fact I'm quite the opposite.  I'm the lurker.  I run around the forum boards, learning everything I can.  Not that I'm not a social creature, but with my day job, I am constantly engaged in  conversation. 

However, I tried to log onto my favorite forum, and received a message that my account had been permanently banned for spamming!  I find this extremely funny as I can't remember the last time I actually posted anything on the site.  (I know it's been at least over a year, and I think my total post number was 3 in the five years I've been a member, all on topic.) 

I've currently written the administrator and am patiently awaiting the response.  I will be quite upset if I can't get back to these forums, as they are invaluable in the information they provide for writers.  Along side of that, I have entered into a contest on the forums and now cannot see if the finals have been chosen and if I could be one of those.  (It's all very frustrating.)

I do hope the problem is addressed and resolved swiftly.  My only worry is that they said they had registered the spam from my IP Address.  So, I have my husband upping the security on my wireless to make sure that no one else is using our network to post anything.

Has this ever happened to anyone else?

Thanks for listening to the rant...
Lisa Adams  

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