Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Review of "The Admirer" by Michele Stegman

What's New to Review ~ Wednesday (Week Long Special Edition)

Hello my reading friends! It's actually Wednesday, so this review is right on time! If you haven't been around the last few days, let me fill you in very quickly. This week I have been hosting a special review week with a new line of short stories published by Breathless Press called FLIRTS, properly named for their brevity and the feeling that you get while you read them. If you haven't been here, Monday I started with a LGBT title "Eat Dessert First" and yesterday was a Suspense title "Eyes Only". Both were remarkably crafted and today's is no exception. So, on with it!

The Book:

Released May 23rd of this year, "The Admirer" is an addition to BP's Timeless line. This is their historical line and covers everything from Ancient Times through World War II. This particular short takes place in the Regency Period. It is a heat level 1 and a very sweet romance. Coming in at just over 6k, it's another perfect fit into a lunch hour with a few moments to spare for ordering or driving and such.

The Timeless historical line Flirt cover is represented by grayish rose petals. I understand the black and white, like old TVs or movies, but personally I believe the color is drab compared to the rest of the cover. I think perhaps cream colored or antique white petals may have looked better. But, that's just my opinion.

The Plot:

As often goes in these romances of old, there is an arranged marriage that the heroine, Marcia, is not to happy about. She wants adventure, intrigue, and passion. Upon meeting her fiance', she realizes that he can give her none of these.

When flowers and other gifts begin arriving addressed only from "An Admirer", Marcia sets out on the biggest adventure of her life. But, will she be able to find him before her wedding day?

The Verdict:

I absolutely love historical novels, though I must admit, I am NOT a fan of the Regency Period. I know, take me out in the middle of the square and stone me. I can't help it, it's just not my personal taste. That being said, I really liked this short story. It wasn't overly swamped with all the high and mighty jargon that I'm supposed to know before I even pick up the book. The heroine was fresh and dare I say almost scandalous for the period with her late night rendezvous, but she is willing to risk anything for true love. The triangle between the heroine, the Duke, and the Admirer is also well played. (Though I kind'ov had it figured out from the beginning, the author adds enough to still keep you guessing.) So, what's it going to be?
It's a "Five Cups of Love" Read!

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(And don't forget to use your coupon if you have one on the BP website!)

Tomorrow, I'll be highlighting another great little Flirt title for you that will be a preview! I am extremely excited to share this new book with you! Until then, Keep Reading!

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