Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Review of "The Phantom" by Jocelyn Leveret

What's New to Review ~ Wednesday!

So, is everyone ready for a very sexy read? I hope so, because I had the pleasure of reading a fantasy filled HAWT EROTIC novella this week from a new author. This short work has no hardcore BDSM qualities but does have some smacking here and there and a satin cloth used to bound a few of the women. Yep, you heard me correctly, a few of the women. So, let's begin....

The Book:

"The Phantom" by Jocelyn Leveret is a contemporary fantasy/paranormal novella with just a little bit of mystery involved. The mystery? "Is the Phantom real?" The author likens the Phantom to such Urban Legends as Bigfoot. Things have always been said, but is there any real proof? This short novella stands complete at about 20k, and was an easy quick read. Turning the virtual pages was quite easy, as the plot unfolded before you. I want to point out here that Ms. Leveret has done quite a bit of research as well. Let me explain... without there really being an Urban Legend, she had to make up a history of one. In digging in that created history, she has referenced tribes and words that would fit the word "phantom" and I am very grateful. The history of the Phantom was actually one of my favorite parts of the book. Please, don't get me wrong. This is NOT a history book or a myths and legends book at all. The history is incorporated ingeniously throughout the novella and you are actually excited about it, because so is the heroine. But, I digress... let's get to the skinny of it.  

The Plot: 

Enter the heroine, Sasha. Sasha is a typical hardworking woman, who isn't necessarily appreciated by the man in her life. Having heard stories of the Phantom in college, is has become a curiosity that haunts her dreams. As a magazine journalist, she works for one of the largest women publications and enjoys her assignments, but her friends and lover laugh at her mention of the Phantom. Sasha's goal? Find women who will tell their story, take the interviews, and write an amazing story for the paper to let all the women out there know that the Phantom is real! Fortunately for us, the assignment is a goal, and stretched out throughout the book are a plethora of tales with in depth detail from other women who have all experienced a night with the Phantom. As Sasha becomes more and more obsessed, praying that the Phantom will come to her, she opens herself up to many types of sexual pleasure. But, will it be enough? And will the Phantom ever visit her?

Enter the hero: A true spiritual sexual being, a granter of wishes, wants, and hidden desires, every woman's dream man... (Need I say more?)

The Verdict?

Oh... My.... YES! This book is a definite Pass It On! If you are into the erotic scene, I couldn't recommend this book enough. May I just say here, that one of the reasons I loved it so much was because it was written in first person. Now, I know that would be a turn off to some, but when you're reading this short and the Phantom is there and it's all I...I...I. Well, you can get how this can set in your brain and really get the reader into the story. Bravo Ms. Leveret! Now, when's the next one coming out? Cause I'm ready to see whatever's next from this brilliant author!

It's a "Five Cups of Love" read! Pass it on!

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Until next week, I hope you guys are enjoying some of these new books!
~ Lisa

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