Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Review of "Lightning Strike" by Beverly Ovalle

What's New to Review ~ Wednesday!

Good COLD Wednesday afternoon all. I hope you'll forgive me with being a few hours late on this post. With the snow that has hit us in the south, it was a mandatory SNOW Outing for my five children. (I have to give them credit, at least they let me sleep in before the day began.)

Last night as the snow was falling, I disconnected from my desk top and settled under a few blankets with my tablet for a quick read. This week's read was a Weekend Getaway special published by Secret Cravings Publishing. Which, might I add, has just won Best Publisher of the Year for 2013 from the Love Romance Cafe Group and is also one of the publishers that I work with! I'm so thankful to have found them.     ~ But I digress. Back to business....

Starting THIS Sunday, a new feature on my blog will be Sunday Subcalls! Throughout the week as I scan the internet, I will find and locate different publishing companies that have set out new calls for submission. On Sunday, I will make a list and post them here. I'll also be setting up an e-mail subscription list that you'll be able to subscribe to, to get these lovely sub calls right in your e-mail inbox!  ~ But I digress.... back to business.

The Book:

Lightning Strike is a Weekend Getaway. This line of books are short stories ranging from 5-10k and are available for .99. This allows the fast life person to still get a little reading in somewhere in the week. They are released on Saturdays and range from a heat 2-5. This particular read... a heat 5! Coming in at just over 9k, this book is definitely a quick read and took me about an hour to read. Perfect for a Weekend Getaway or a Lunch Time Escape! And the price is perfect!

As with most short stories, this novella circles around one scene, one short time span, and some pretty interesting love making scenes. From vanilla to multiple partners, a lot is packed into this little story.

The Plot:

Levi is our heroine and he's on a mission. For years, his grandfather has told him secrets about the magic in the woods that his family has guarded through the centuries. With other family members pushing to sell, Grandpa turns to Levi. Go to the woods and get proof. Easy enough, since our hero is a photographer. Storms are rolling in and lightning surrounds the glen. As Levi prepares to leave a stray bolt strikes a nearby tree. Upon investigating the scene, he finds a naked beauty.

Enter the heroine... Daphnaie. A tree spirit locked away from the word by Mother Earth has been released. But why was she ever imprisoned? And what will she do now that she's free.

The Verdict:

This short story is full of sexual situations. From just a few pages in until almost the end, it's a non-stop sexual romp through the woods. Intertwined with magical tree sprites and nymphs, the author uses her knowledge of ancient lore to build the scene. The sex was written well, though at times I must admit I had to re-read a few spots because I had lost a hand movement or I thought to myself, "How exactly would that work with their height difference?" That being said, the story was definitely worth the .99 price and the hour I got to escape.

 It's a "Four Cups of Love" read!

Get your copy at these locations! ~ .99

See you guys on Sunday for my newest addition Sunday Sub Calls!

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