Friday, January 31, 2014

It's time to sign-up!

The Weekly Newsletter is HERE!

A newsletter? For what!

Yep, I can hear you now.

Why, oh why, would I sign up for MORE stuff in my inbox?
What's so special about your newsletter?
How is this going to HELP me?

I asked those very same questions to myself when I decided to set one up and I have the answers.

Let's take it a step at a time...

Why would you want more things in your inbox?
  1.      Truthfully, you might forget to catch this blog. And things around here are a changing! From Wednesday reviews, to Brand new releases I know will catch some of your attention, to.... the latest and greatest submission calls! (More of that in #3)

What's so special about my newsletter?
  1.  Yes, I will be doing some marketing for my own books occasionally, but this really isn't about me. It's about you! I want you to have quick easy access to some new books that are being released that you may not know about! And did I mention the submission calls? (Here it comes.... wait for it!)
How is this going to HELP me?

  1. So here it is, laid out straight. I am an internet junkie and peruse hundreds of publishing houses a month looking for submission calls that may interest me. Man I have found some GREAT calls looking through all those things!  I thought to myself, "Self, it would really suck if you didn't have the time to do this." Then, I started thinking about all of my fellow writers who are working two jobs, or are full time students, or parents and professionals, and everything else in between. And I realized I could HELP! I want to HELP!  
  2. EVERY SINGLE NEWSLETTER will have at LEAST 3 Submission Calls for writers, with descriptions of the calls, and links STRAIGHT to the Publishers site so you can get more info! (Though most of these calls will center around romance, there will be the occasional MG/YA/NA, Fantasy, Sci-fi, or Contemp Lit that will be added in.)
So there you have it friends. I want to help, and I can. If your writing career is just taking off, or even if you are on your tenth manuscript, let ME help you do some of the work. Let me at least shoot some calls your way that you may not have heard about!

How Do I Sign up!

Right over there on the top right of the screen is a page tab that says "Newsletter Sign-up!" Click that and it will take you straight to my form. First and Last name, e-mail, and if you want to include your web address you can.

Newsletters will be e-mailed early Sunday morning EST. And there is always an option to OPT out if you decide that it's not what you want. But before you do, e-mail me, post something on the blog, or tweet me, maybe I can find something Just for You!

Hope to see you on Sunday in your inbox!

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