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Review of "My Bloody Valentine - Vol. 1" Edited by Kristen Pavka

What's New to Review ~ Wednesday!

Good Morning my fellow avid readers! Oh, I have the most splendid anthology to tell you about today and I just can't wait! So We're starting right away!

The Book: 

"My Bloody Valentine - Vol.1" was released just this past Friday on Valentine's Day! It is a short story anthology with twenty one very unique and different stories that was written by seventeen brilliant authors. Edited by one Ms. Kristen Pavka and published on ebook by Breathless Press. The collection stands complete at a little over 38k and each individual story hoovers around 2k. Excellent length for each story, might I add, for those waiting in the car for five minutes to pick a kid up, or hiding it in the laundry room while you're pretending to fold clothes (not that I would know anything about that...). Short, quick, HOT, steamy, reads that all have a Bloody theme to them.

Yes, unlike any other anthology I've ever seen out there, this collection of shorts all have a steamy quickie, but may not necessarily have a Happily Ever After or Happy For Now ending. But, the writing! Oh the writing is amazing! Each and every one of these talented writers adds a new voice to the collection, a new situation, and a new twist on some old tales. They were all absolutely incredible!

The Stories:

Little Red by Tysche Dwai - A very new twist on an old tale. Rumors have been swarming the realm and Red still has to make it to Granny's. But, a magical being meets her along the way and where there are fangs, you have to know that there are vampires!

Butterfly by Decadent Kane - The devil, a demon, and an extremely strong heroine that is willing to do anything for love. I'm already a fan of Ms. Kane and this story has been added to the list of greats!

One Way to Say Goodbye by Robin Crawford - An excellent addition to the antho! The emotional intensity of this story is well crafted. You feel exactly what the heroine feels.

Last Kiss by D. F. Krieger - The apocalypse is here! Drama, drama, drama! A couple fighting against a deadly disease, one last time, one last kiss. Great story telling!

No Change in Policy in Room 8 by Torie James - Yes! A fabulous short. very gripping and a twist at the end that leaves you laughing at the Hero's cockiness. Loved it! way to go Ms. James!

The Dark Man by H.K. Sterling - A life ending game, or is it just the beginning? Excellent read! A strong heroine and a hero you want to partake in!

Blindfold by Jay Wilburn - And just what exactly would you do for food when the apocalypse comes? A very sensually sexy story and an ending that could lead to disaster but they're together.

Dangerous Desires by Jen Bradlee - Historical with a masked man and a twist. Loved the feel of old world London this short had in such a short length. Bravo Ms. Bradlee!

Three Little Men by Dianne Hartsock - The first tale in this book that actually felt almost like it was straight out of a horror scene. Creatively imagined and well-written! Too bad I read it at night and was slightly freaked out. But, I LOVE horror so that's a good thing!

Awaiting Our Reunion by Christine Morgan - This short read like a memoir to me from the beginning and was the first in the book that was emotionally painful for me. I almost wanted to cry it was that good. Congrats on focusing in on that romantic pain Ms. Morgan! 

Rhythm and Blues by Brantwijn Serrah - A shifter, some voodoo magic, and a sin for a sin. Totally brilliant! This story came from nowhere and knocked my socks off. It was definitely unexpected and fit the anthology well!

Tempting Sin by Shellie Rosewarne - An angel tempted by sin and lead by lust. A fulfilling sexual encounter, well played out and incredibly described. Props to Ms. Rosewarne!

Rebirth with a Rose by Kera Faire - Don't mess with a woman who wants to be left to please herself and is wearing stilettos. Yep, Lesson Learned.  Thanks for that one Ms. Faire. I loved the ending there. Just enough sarcasm and flair to love this heroine.

Invoking Ostara by Lisa A. Adams - Yes, this is my story. Of course I love it... Watch for the twist at the end.

Spider Prince by Iyana Jenna - A unique shifter story. Finally, one that doesn't involve Werewolves and the like. Ms. Jenna has an eye for detail here and I can almost imagine the writer sitting and watching a spider crawl across the floor, trying to get every word right. The secret is in the details. Bravo!

Stormy Night in Old Town by Kelly Ryan - A true ghost story here and a steamy love scene. Ms. Ryan has a way with the sexy parts that's for sure. Kudos! I loved it!

Aphrodisiac by Roni Sharpe - I always did love a good Incubus story. Perfect. Hot loving and a fulfilled love scene. Then there is the coldness of a casual lay. Great story telling.

Siren's Call by Shelli Roseware - Ah, the Sirens of old Ancient Greek tales raise their weary heads in this title and it's a hit. Of course I'm quite partial to mythic infused writing so it's almost certain that I would like this story. Ms. Roseware has done her research and that speaks volumns to a a fellow historical writer. Great story!

Feral by Decadent Kane - Continuing the elf revolution, Ms. Kane has pleased us once again. Dare I say, Ms. Kane be crowned the new Elf Queen? She's got my vote! Hot, teasing love, and an elf's undoing. More please!

The Shed by Brantwijn Serrah - This story is of secrets and pain. (The good kind!) Loved it. Probably the hottest read in the book and a great addition to the anthology. I was just thinking, I want a Reid :-)

Under the Shadow of Wings by H.K. Sterling - A goddess on a mission. A lingering soul to devour. She's found her prey. Lets hear it for the mile-high club! I haven't seen a story on a plane in years, and Ms. Sterling has covered it in detail. Yay!

The Verdict?

There were so many different tales that seemed to sneak up on you and take you for a ride. Different settings, characters, pairings, love making, and plots all take a wild ride in this anthology. With all of the personal detail above is there any doubt?

It's a "Five Cups of Love" read! 

Get your own copy at the following locations! ~ $3.99

Until next week~ happy reading!
Lisa A. Adams


  1. Thank you for that wonderful review, Lisa!

    1. No problem Dianne. I enjoyed every single one of the stories and yours was super creepy Great! You have a gift for the dark! Congrats on the release!

  2. Thank you for taking the time to review! I'm glad you enjoyed the stories.

    1. Very much enjoyed! Thanks for stopping by ms. Elf Queen :-)

  3. Great review Lisa - thanks for taking the time to do! x

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Loved your Siren Call story!