Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Double Reviews! Tempting Clover and The Raven's Kill!

What's New to Review ~ Wednesday!

Greetings and Something New!

This week I was asked to review TWO very special books that have just been released in the past two weeks. And I just couldn't say no. Both of these books are novella length and definitely within my requirements, and from one of the great publishers that I have been fortunate to work with. 

So without further ado... Let's get started!

Tempting Clover: The Trouble with Elves Book 2 by Decadent Kane

I consider myself lucky enough to have been asked to read the first book in this series, "Ribbon of Darkness" back in December and this next book in the series was just as amazing as the first! One thing that I absolutely loved about this series is that you don't HAVE to read the first before you read the second. There are no interlinking characters and the story lines vary greatly. The main theme in the series? It's all about elves!

On a side note, I have to admit that I'm not usually a "fantasy" reader. I enjoy the paranormal, historical, and regular contemporary romances on a usual basis. However, as I mentioned above, this is the second in this series that I've been asked to review, and I do hope that Ms. Kane comes out with a dozen more and I am asked to review EACH and EVERY one of them.

The Verdict?

Though this story is written with a darker plot than the first in the series, it is one that grabs you from the beginning and sweeps you up in the escape. Filled with twisted deeds, provocative situations, and an enslaved elf who is willing to do anything to free herself, this story had me flipping the digital pages, and praying that the little Elfess would find her redemption. I so want more from this brilliant author! Bring on the "Elf" revolution!

It's a "Five Cups of Love" Read!

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The Raven's Kill by Ella Grey

My second book this week was a paranormal read and I have to admit, truly sucked me in! This is a shifter paranormal, where our hero Raven is just that... a raven shifter, not to mention a talented assassin. His jobs are easy: kill the ones assigned to him and that deserve it. When his new assignment is a beautiful woman with a power of her own, Raven finds himself questioning his resolve. 

A new need arises in Raven to protect, and he's suddenly flying in uncharted territory. Someone wants her dead, will he be able to save her instead?

The verdict?

Dramatic and entertaining! Ms. Grey has the knack of crafting fine suspense intertwined with passion and sexual situations. Can I just interject here that I've read several books that have the heroine pleasuring themselves, but koodos to Ms. Grey to perfecting it! A raven shifter is unique and definitely NOT overdone and the whole premise of this book was fresh. So...

It's a "Five Cups of Love" Read!

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Next week, I'll have a review of the "My Bloody Valentine" anthology from Breathless Press that includes one of my own stories. 

Until next time!


  1. Thank you for taking the time to read and review my novella. I appreciate it.

    1. You are very welcome! Please Keep 'em coming!