Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Harvest Queen's Tutor is complete!

There must have been a fire under my chair, or this was truly a story that needed to be told. All in all, I only spent nine days writing it and it's about 15k words.

I finished the actual writing of the story last night, or very early this morning around 1:00am. I've already e-mailed my editor and told her that I've finished the writing and will take a 2 day break before I start edits on Wednesday night or early Thursday.

The Harvest Queen's Tutor is a contemporary romance that takes place in Barbeque Creek, North Carolina. In real life, I live a township called Barbeque. (We southerners love our southern barbeque by the way. The more vinegar the better!) A neighboring town of ours is Anderson Creek, so I merged the two together in this novel to really give you a glimpse of country town living.

Duke University is well known throughout the country for its Medical Programs and our heroine, Sophie Carmichael, is deep in her first semester there, pre-med.

NC State University is approximately 30 minutes from Duke and hosts an excellent engineering program. Our hero, Michael "Mic" Shover, is currently studying locally at a community college online and hopes to transfer to NC State in the Spring.

I have lived in North Carolina all my life, except the four and a half years I was in the Navy, and I have to agree with Dorthy in The Wizard of Oz, "There's no place like home."

I'm starting on a new story today, a very short story of about 5,000 words, and I hope to have it completed by Friday as well. It's more for fun then anything, but if I can make the deadline, it will have a chance for publication at another publishing house.

Wish me luck!
Lisa A. Adams  

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