Sunday, July 29, 2012

A busy writing life!

It will be two weeks tomorrow that I received my initial offer for a contract, and things have really flown from there.   I sat down last night with my journal calendar and started writing in events as they happened, and things that were coming up. I was so amazed at all the news and events, that I had to share them with you.

July 16th, offered a contract for "The Legionnaire's Prize."
July 17th, received Author's-to-do list for self promotion and guidelines
July 18th, contacted author friend Lorraine Nelson and set up a blog tour stop on this site in August.
July 20th, received formal online contract for "The Legionnaire's Prize"
July 23rd, After reading EVERY aspect and cross referencing terms and conditions, signed contract.
July 24th, Edited 25 pages of second story.
July 25th, wrote 1,225 more words to next story.
July 26th, e-mailed editor about release times and new novella.
July 27th, received e-mail from editor excited about new novella and wants to see it ASAP. Also received Pre-edit checklist for "The Legionnaire's Prize"
July 27th, (cont.) spent four hours reviewing and applying editing checklist to "The Legionnaire's Prize"
July 28th, received e-mail from editor that 2nd story needs to be completed by next Friday, in order to possibly complete by November time frame. (No guarantees on submission acceptance, just interested.)  I can live with possibilities :-) 
July 28th, wrote another 1,778 words on second story.

Editor has already confirmed that IF second story is picked up, then we will be doing nothing but edits on 2nd story, which would come out before "The Legionnaire's Prize," the month of August. Three rounds of edits in a month! I'm so ready for it, and yet wondering how all this is really happening to me!

All that in two weeks! Now, I know that it may not seem much to some of you, but when you've been writing for six years with no one buying, it's rather extraordinary to have a contract and a possibility of a second contract in a matter of only a couple weeks.  I'm utterly astounded.

I'm so enjoying this writing life, and I hope that you will stay with me through this.  I will be hosting some author's on the site for their blog tours when their newest releases come out.

Well, back to writing. Five days to deadline!
Lisa A. Adams       

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