Tuesday, July 17, 2012

An Exciting Monday - 1st Contract Offer!

It's been almost seven years since I started my writing career.  I've tried several genres and have submitted to various magazines.  All were rejected and I began building my portfolio of rejection letters.  Someone once said that you didn't get published until you had about an inch worth of rejections, so I was measuring.

About four years ago I began doing enormous amounts of research on publishing websites and resources.  I found my niche in romance writing and worked closely with a group of writers through several "Book in Three" marathons, but to no avail. 

Two years ago, I began NaNoWriMo and worked harder on my writing.  This past year I have attended webinars through Writer's Digest, online writer's workshops through various romance groups using Yahoo, and even enrolled in a romance writing class at a local college. 

The manuscript I had submitted and was rejected,  sat patiently waiting for my edits and for resubmission.  With more confidence in my writing abilities, I reviewed the manuscript carefully, adding detail, eliminated head hopping, and worked on the story plot. 

Two weeks later, I was ready to resubmit to another publisher.  Using the wonderful knowledge of some very key authors that I had worked with, I chose to go with an online publisher and submitted my work on May 8th, 2012.

This morning I woke up to an e-mail message in my inbox, congratulating me on my story and I have been offered a contract. 

After screaming, "Oh My God!" several times through happy tears and jumping up and down on my new hardwood floors, I sat back and reread the e-mail several more times before finally replying. 

I have accepted the terms of the initial e-mail and am waiting an official contract to show up to review. 

It is a very exciting Monday.  The only thing I can say is, "If the week starts off so great, I can't wait to see what the rest of the week holds!"

Will keep you posted!
Lisa A. Adams

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