Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Review of "Demon Protector" by Lauren Pilla

What's New to Review ~ Wednesday!

It's that time of week again, another great new title, another couple of hours to myself, and another review... JUST FOR YOU!

The Book:

Today's novella stands complete at approximately 27k and took me a little under three hours for me to read. Paranormal romance in genre, I must say that I was happy to see something outside the box like a demon instead of the typical were-shifters. That said the heroine is a witch, and well I just love all things witch-y! Released by Secret Cravings Publishing on October 8th, 2013 and a very sexy heat level four.

The Plot:

What would you do if you finally found out that you were a witch, your parents were both witches and had kept you clueless, and suddenly had demons trying to kill you so they could suck your power and claim it as their own? Yeah, that's where this one starts, and that's just in the first chapter. But, lets throw in another wrench... not all demons are made the same.

Enter the hero- a brooding dark male, with superior strength, a vivid description of any Men's Fitness magazine cover model, and a french accent that you can almost hear as your reading. Um... yum! Sexy, confident, and willing to break his own rules for the sassy little witch that has suddenly captured his interest. He has to protect her!

The adventure begins and it is a race to the finish! Will she learn enough in time to protect herself, or will her Demon Protector have to step in and save the day, facing his own kind, and a terrible secret?

The Verdict?

This was an adventure that gripped me. Will she get away? Will he be able to get over his past? Will she? I must say that the well thought out character arcs of this story was the driving point. Each must grow and change in their own way before they can find their happily ever after, whether that's together or apart. The author does a great job of incorporating the sexual aspects of attraction between the couple as well. Each scene held something a little different which made the story flow easier and seemed less repetitious. The demon was a unique character and addition to the paranormal genre. So, what do you think? I say...

It's a "Five Cups of Love" read!

Pick your copy up today! ~ $3.99

Until next week~ Happy Reading!

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