Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sorting my Writing Life

1st - Check out all my updated pages!

From new pages like the recently added "My Books", to all the rest. New information has been uploaded to each of my pages, so you can help celebrate or cry when the time comes. Thank you everyone for making 2013 an amazing year already!

2nd - A New Release is Coming!

From Decadent Publishing, this coming Friday, March 22nd, 2013. "The Harvest Queen's Tutor" a new adult contemporary romance will be available online! If you want to know where to find it, links will be posted on "My Books" page Friday morning. (That's 3 this year!)

3rd - New Goals and New Writings!

Book 2 of "Caledonia's Captives" has been accepted and we should be expecting it to come out soon. In the meantime, Book 3 is the new writing project. Latest goal date is April 15th, but I'm shooting for March 31st. Why do you ask?  because......

4th - CampNaNoWriMo!

CampNaNoWriMo starts in April. I hope to be able to devote the entire month of April to this endeavor and win with my new mss that I will be pitching to HARLEQUIN Editors May 8th! Yes, I have a speed date pitch session with a Harlequin Editor! I'm so excited.

So, that's what's new, what's coming up, and what's happened. Please keep in touch and I'll see you guys around.  You can find me easily on twitter @LisaAdamsWriter and help run an unofficial #writeclub sprint from 9-11pm EST (sometimes longer) every Tuesday night! Regular #writeclub sprints are Friday nights from 8GMT - 11PST. So pretty much all day! Come join us!

See you around and thanks for stopping by!

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