Friday, March 22, 2013

It's Release Day! The Harvest Queen's Tutor is available!

Please welcome, The Harvest Queen's Tutor!

About the book:

From idea to completion, The Harvest Queen's Tutor was an "out of my element" experience. Previously, I had sunk in pretty hard to historical romance. And was loving every minute of it. My Ancient Rome series "Caledonia's Captives" saw the release of book 1 "The Legionnaire's Prize" on January 18th, 2013. Since I taught ancient world history, this has always been my comfort zone.

However,  my oldest daughter was dying to read it, and I wasn't sure I really wanted her to. So, I started The Harvest Queen's Tutor. It is technically considered a New Adult Sweet Romance. My main characters are starting off their first year of college, and it's a young blooming love.

To keep the manuscript PG-13 and at an appropriate level for my daughter, there is the hint of a "closed door" act. But, I wanted to pull my readers into the connection and passion that the characters would share. So, I introduced a very sensual, almost full body, massage. The chapter was breath taking, even as I wrote it, and I hope you enjoy it as well.

Book Blurb:

Sophie Carmichael is flunking out of college. Returning home to ride in a parade is the last thing she needs. But, running into Michael “Mick” Shover, once known to be the town bad boy, suddenly gives her an idea. Could Mick really help her? And what will be his price?


“You honestly don’t think I can just let you in and leave you here unsupervised, do you?”
She needed time. “Okay. You can tutor me for an hour, and then I get to study for an hour by myself.”
Michael flipped his hand through is hair. “Deal. And the best part, it will only cost you dinner.”
“Dinner? Are you serious?” Sophie couldn’t believe her ears. First, he offers to help. Now, he wants dinner. But, he would be giving up his night to help me. I guess it’s the least I can do. She’d only have to buy a meal. That was actually a good deal. “Okay, what do you want me to pick up?”
“Actually, I was thinking more of the homemade type. Whatever you’re having for dinner, bring me a plate.” Michael gave a mischievous wink and unlocked the door.
“You can’t be serious.” Sophie crossed her arms.
“You bet I am.” Michael imitated her actions and faced her. “Those are the terms for tonight’s lesson. We’ll discuss other payment options tonight for the rest of your lessons.”
“I don’t know how else you think I can pay you, but if it’s what I think, you’re greatly mistaken.” God, could he be serious?
Michael cocked his head ever so slightly. “I’m not sure I follow your meaning.”
Sophie’s heart sped, and she could feel her face getting hotter. “You mean, you didn’t mean…?” Sophie covered her mouth with her hand. “I can’t believe it. I’m so embarrassed.” Sophie turned and ran out the door into the open parking lot.
“Sophie. Wait.” Michael chased her but just as Sophie jumped into her car, he hit the side door. He tapped the window, and she lowered it an inch. “Sophie, calm down. It was funny, really. Meet me here at nine.”
Sophie’s stomach tightened as she gripped the steering wheel. She thought about her awkward statement, and then about how much she desperately needed someone’s help. “Fine. Tonight, here at nine. You’ll have supper, and I get my first tutoring session.”
“Great.” Michael stepped away from the car door to let her back up. “Hey, Sophie?”
“Yeah, Michael.”
“What are we studying tonight, so I can be prepared?”
Sophie choked on her answer at first, feeling herself redden. “Anatomy.”

The Harvest Queen's Tutor is available from the following sites, today!

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