Monday, January 21, 2013

The Legionnaire's Prize - Caledonia's Captives Book 1 

It's official! The Legionnaire's Prize has been released! The original release date was set for January 25th, but to my great surprise, it was released last Friday the 18th! 


Want to know a little more? Here you go!

Decimus wasn’t born a Roman and doesn’t intend to stay one, but leaving is complicated… especially with a new wife in tow.


Book blurb : 

Abagail Haber loses her nomadic family and her freedom when a Roman Legion destroys her tribe. Contemplating the possibilities of her future as a slave to the Emperor seems bleak. But when the Emperor marries her to the man who trampled in and conquered her village, Abagail can think of nothing but escaping. Then night falls, and visions of the muscled Legionnaire haunt her dreams.

Decimus Cassian wasn't born a Roman; he was made. After 20 years of life under a Roman Emperor, he is ready to run. But, the Emperor has destroyed all his carefree plans by marrying him to his prisoner. How can he convince her that he can be trusted? And how will he ever be able to concentrate on escape when he can't think of anything else but her?

How about a revealing excerpt?

Decimus cradled her again, closer and tighter. He didn't want it to end, but control was not an option that he had the luxury of any more. He rubbed his hand against her back, gliding softly up and down again. She arched her body into him and he could feel her breasts crushing against his chest. She radiated a sweet smell, and he was reminded again of his true home.

Decimus closed his eyes and tried to drown out his subconscious that was ridiculing him for taking part in such an indecent act. It frowned at him and scoffed, showing its disappointment. In the back of his mind, it steadily tapped its foot, trying to make him feel guilty for taking advantage of this poor enslaved creature. However, with the gentle breeze blowing, her scent consumed his mind. The feral man within came to his aid, arguing heavily with his subconscious and ultimately defeating it.

He slipped his hand down past her rounded backside, feeling its fullness and warmth. Working his way back up her leg, he slid her robe to the side and allowed his hand to push under her tunic, stroking her bottom, and pulling it forward into him. A moan escaped her lips and Decimus froze, fearing her reaction if she awoke. This was wrong and he knew it. He chastised himself for his savage ways.

Within moments, her breathing became regular again. Her body was warm and welcoming. He breathed her in, taking joy in this simple action. The battle within him still raged, unexpectedly rekindled by the threat of her waking. This was his wife. He should take her—now. That was what a woman was supposed to be for. Wasn't it? His body screamed yes, but his mind warned him that this woman was something more.

I hope you've enjoyed this small look into the book. If you're interested please stop by and purchase it ON SALE for $1.59. Most format's supported. 

It's also available on Amazon for $1.99 - Check it out!



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