Thursday, August 16, 2012

Writing a Series?

I heard some encouraging news the other day, and thought I should share with you wonderful people. My editor, though she rejected the last story I submitted, was enthralled by the setting of the town. She gave me some good insight along with the rejection and I started thinking of all these wonderful stories that could take place.

Somewhat foolishly, I quickly replied what a genius she was and that I had tons of ideas that I could flesh out, I was on a high from the very specific advice she gave. Her reply was that she would love to see my town made into a series and couldn't wait to see the first one. GULP!

So for the past week I have been studying: authors that right series, reading series, and using Writer's Digest Tutorials on "The Ins and Outs of Writing a Series". I've mapped out my little town, and used the "Paint" computer program to give me a great visual reference.

Suddenly, I've lost all my ideas! DOUBLE GULP! Okay, maybe not all my ideas, but any that I thought were good to begin with. Has anyone ever had this problem?

I hope my writing muse comes and chats with me soon, or I'm going to have to yank her by the hair and tie her up beside me. :-)

As far as recent submissions, I currently have only one out and am looking at other avenues for my latest vampire creation. I've written all over the genre's in romance, except for suspense. Perhaps I'll try that one next.

Best of luck to everyone!
Lisa A. Adams

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