Saturday, August 11, 2012

Author Spotlight - Lorraine Nelson!

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I am ecstatic today as we gather for my first Author Spotlight here at Pen-The-Dream. And just how fitting is it that today's author is one that I have actually had the pleasure of knowing for about three years now.  Lorraine Nelson and I met on the Harlequin Community Boards and have kept in contact through the years.  Believe me when I tell you, this lady is definitely Penning Her Dreams. Today we are here to celebrate her newest release "Love on the Rocks" that was just launched yesterday August 10th, from Breathless Press.

Love on the Rocks  by Lorraine Nelson

Book Blurb:

When Sara attempts to save her daughter, she may also be escaping a fate worse than an abusive boyfriend…she may be running away from true love. The big question is: Which man will find her first?

Sara Compton, normally strong, independent, and fun-loving, is deeply distressed at having to abandon her baby, but she has neither money nor home and is hiding from an abusive and obsessive ex-boyfriend. The only way to keep her child safe is to give her up.

Anthony Jacobs has sworn off women due to a previous relationship gone sour. He finds the child, takes her home, and arranges care for her. When he places a public call for a nanny and a lovely woman arrives who seems to have a rapport with the abandoned baby, he hires her on the spot.

Sara is fraught with guilt and tension at the possibility of being found out. What will Anthony think of her if—or when—he finds out the truth? To add to her worries, trouble arises in the form of Sara’s ex-boyfriend, who appears on the scene with custody papers in hand. She makes a hasty escape, her daughter in tow, but in the process of avoiding the evil Elliot Saunders, is she leaving behind her one true love?

Not convinced yet? Try this little excerpt to wet your whistle...

"Since you slaved away to prepare such a feast, I insist on doing the washing up."

"What? No beeper?" Caroline chided.

"Not tonight. Guess I was too tired to arrange a get-a-way. I'll have to do better tomorrow," Anthony said with a wink and a chuckle.

Picking up Charity, she shot back, saying, "That figures. Oh, well, I'll enjoy tonight's respite and take our little princess upstairs to get her cleaned up. What do you think of that, sweetheart?"

"Fine with me," Anthony answered unexpectedly, then must have caught himself because he turned back to look at them as Caroline erupted into laughter. "Uh, you weren't talking to me just then, were you?" he asked sheepishly.

"No, but you sure do look good in red," she quipped, giggling at his embarrassment as she went on her way.

Anthony could hear her giggles as she went up the back stairs. To his astonishment, he had truly enjoyed thinking she'd called him 'Sweetheart,' and it had seemed so natural, too.

Oh, boy! Am I ever in big trouble, he told himself as he realized he'd fallen head over heels for the woman. What am I going to do now? How do I find out if she feels the same without bringing on a sexual harassment suit? Why did she have to be Charity's employee...and a darn good one at that! He didn't want to scare her into running away. Think, Anthony! Think! He knew he'd figure out something. He'd just have to play it by ear and take a chance when the opportunity arose.

My two cents...

I just started reading this book a couple of hours ago, and I haven't been able to stop. The work itself is beautifully crafted, and emotionally compelling. You love the main heroine and the hero instantly, but my heart was captured by the beautiful baby.  I'm sure I'll be finishing this read soon, and I'd hate to know that others would miss out on this truly great love story.  

Find more from this fascinating writer at or follow her on her book journeys on her author blog at .

I hope you've enjoyed our first author spotlight... Stay tuned... Tuesday August 14th we will have another fantastic writer... Karyn Gerrard from Decadent Publishing will be introducing her new book.

See you around! And keep Reading!
Lisa A. Adams


  1. Ok...I want to read the rest of it! Sounds great. The best of luck to both of you!

  2. Hi, Lisa! Late to my own party! Errand day today. So glad to hear you're enjoying Love on the Rocks. It's a special book in that it was the first one I wrote for adults when I started writing seriously back in 2009. Of course, that was many revisions ago. LOL Thank you for having me here today. The post looks lovely. Thank you also for the kind words. Love you, girl!

    Anonymous, thank you for your comment. In order to be entered in the draw for a free copy of Love on the Rocks, you need to leave your name and email address. Please come back and do so. :)

  3. Would love to read more! This book sounds amazing!
    Skyler Schwegman

  4. Wow I am truly tempted to read the rest of it. I always loves the story of strong women . I feel for her because she has to abandon her child in order to keep her child save. There are no mother in this world deserves to Be separated from their kids , Aretha zhen , arethazhenATrocketmaildotcom