Friday, May 31, 2013

His Seafaring Siren is released! Chance to win a free copy!

His Seafaring Siren- Caledonia's Captives book 2- is released!

The Adventure Continues.... 

I am so excited to announce today that book 2 in the Caledonia's Captives series, "His Seafaring Siren" is releasing today! Book 1 "The Legionnaire's Prize" has been doing remarkably well, and this second installment, I am sure will have you as captivated as the first.

So without further ado....

Book Blurb....

New couple Septimus and Mowriyah have accepted the grave task to embark on a rescue mission back to the Rome, the very place they once fled from. With lives at stake, both are prepared to fight the Roman guards if their plans are discovered, but fighting their emotions is another battle neither expected.

When a past lover resurfaces, the couple is forced to examine their relationship while still trying to carry out their mission. But is their young love strong enough to survive the trials abroad and at sea?


Septimus turned and saw Mowriyah gliding across the boat deck in a beautiful earth-toned gown. It was cut low on her chest and trimmed in a delicate stitching. She was a vision and his loins reacted to her without his consent. Cursing his manhood for acting on instinct, he tried to put on his angry face.

Mowriyah slowed. She tilted her head ever so slightly, the wind catching her short, bobbed hair to blow it over her face, making her even more compelling. He watched as she gracefully lifted her hand and tucked the windblown hairs behind her ear. She was batting her eyes. Oh, no.

She walked within inches of him and grinned. "May I join you?" Her voice was low and seductive.

He felt the anger leave his body and was confounded that she had this type of power over him. He dropped his hardened expression. "Of course."

She shuffled closer to him and the rocking of the boat caused her breasts to rub against his arms. What was it about this woman that had him so spellbound?

"You are not still angry with me, are you?"

"No, I am not angry." He inhaled deeply. "I still do not want you to go though."

"I understand."

Septimus felt a wave of relief crash through his body. "So, you will stay? Really?"

She looked up at him and he could see her defiance in her eyes. "No. I am going with you. I said I understand how you feel."

The horror of his worst nightmares came barreling back to him. "Mowriyah, please." He turned to face her completely and then grabbed her forearms to pull her to his chest. "This will not be a safe trip. There will be times that we will have to split up, and I cannot protect you when I am not with you."

She raised an eyebrow. "Protect me? And exactly when have I needed your protection?" Her muscles tensed beneath his grip as she tried to slide away from him, but he tightened his hold. "Septimus, we have been here for three months and have been together every day and night, yet I feel you know little about me other than the taste of my skin."

"Do not be like that, Mowriyah," he pleaded.

"Besides, you know I am right. You have no idea what Leihla looks like, so how would you find her?"

"You could tell me, and I would find her."

"Tell you what? She is my height, has majestic black hair, and ocean blue eyes."

He felt her wiggle beneath his touch. He craved to hold her close to him. But how could he tell her how he felt? If he did, she would want a larger commitment, and he wasn't ready to take Decimus's route yet. There were too many young maidens in Caledonia.

"Septimus, let me go." He watched as her face contorted and showed signs of anger. The cute little "V" that formed at her eyebrows when she was furious was evident, and he could feel his manhood awaken with delight.

He slid his hands down her arms to her wrists and restrained them in his hands. Mowriyah's head flew up and he locked on to her glare. Her eyes were wide and he knew she was surprised.

Tugging her forward, he slammed her into his chest. Her breasts pressed against him and warmed the skin beneath his tunic. With his hands still gripping her tightly, he grinned, feeling her heartbeat speed up. Her mouth twitched at the corners and he watched as she tried to hide a smile by biting her lip.

Septimus licked his own lips instinctively. She squirmed, rubbing her breasts against his chest with every writhe. "What am I going to do with you?" he growled.

The smile escaped and her face lit up. "That's a good question. What will you do with me?"

And there it is! 

I'm so very proud of this book. I have had Mowriyah's and Septimus' story in my head for a couple of years now. (Since I wrote The Legionnaire's Prize in 2011.)  Mowriyah is a strong-willed, fiery pistol who deserves to be called a SIREN! Check it out today!

Where to buy-

Contest Info!

I'll be hopping to several blogs over the next week. Each of these blogs have some amazing content and they have been gracious enough to host me for my release. To enter to win the free copy of His Seafaring Siren, simply follow me to these blogs, comment on the post, and leave some way for me to get back in touch with you, (facebook, twitter, e-mail) I can't wait to meet all of you.  

More details on the specific sites will be posted by tomorrow morning. Thank you! 


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